When a new mother joins my 6 week program as a LEVEL 1 client, we develop strength through stages. Here is a summary of how I progress and work with clients.

WEEK 1: The 5 Basic Principles of Pilates & how to apply Pilates to exercise to training. Band work with small Pilates Props - train pelvic stabilizers & gentle leg & arm work.

WEEK 2: Continue to focus on pelvic stability & adding Barre movements + light dumb bells to training.

WEEK 3: Introducing MOTR - Building on Pelvic & Glute stability we work compound endurance movements on the MOTR.

WEEK 4: Introduction to strength training combining MOTR, Light Kettle Bells + TRX - Introduce strength focused circuits.

WEEK 5 - Dynamic MOTR Pilates combined with Strength circuit training - introduce gentle low impact cardio.

WEEK 6 - Circuit training with additional light Interval Training.