Having a baby has been the most life changing event of my life, I never thought I'd struggle so much to manage my work-life and being a new mum. It wasn't easy for me, it was really F***** HARD!

I gained a total of 17kgs during pregnancy, I think that was a healthy amount, not too much, not too little. I was confident that the weight would just drop off... in fact, I left the hospital 7kgs lighter, my body would be back  in no time.

But that was not the case... I was so fragile and stressed post partum. In my head, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Breastfeeding was hard, I wasn't in maternal bliss, my birth had consequences and deep scars to heal. Why me? I felt like a victim.

By 12 weeks post partum I was at highest levels of anxiety. I could not relax, I couldn't sleep, I was surviving on adrenaline, cortisol and sleep depravation. I went days without eating hoping the weight would come down. Hoping I would start having my body back. And the scale wouldn't move an inch. I felt defeated in every way. Feeling like I couldn't get my shit together, that I was failing in everything I was doing. I beat myself up every night, I cried every night. I thought I would never smile and be happy again.

My recovery started when I decided to sleep train my baby and use Heidi from The Parent and Baby Coach as a consultant. In 3 days my baby who woke every 3 hours was sleeping through the night and I became a better human. I finally had the energy to start training again. My stress levels started to drop and my weight started to drop too.


I then developed a method to cure myself and to feel strong again, that was my goal. Not to have washboard abs and zero % fat, but to actually feel STRONG & GRACEFUL. I developed my method and recorded my training program and I started to see excellent results training with more weights and Pilates, and less HIIT and cardio, in fact I never ONCE went for a run!

I designed STG for mums as a safe way to transition back into training. You will feel like you again, if I did it, so can you. Email me if you would like to chat about stress, anxiety, weight loss and post partum training.