A Strength based Dynamic Pilates class on the MOTR. This class is a 45 minute muscle building Pilates class based on endurance, slow controlled movements and repetition to total muscle fatigue. A full body class that uses Kettle Bell Training, bands, Pilates circles and other props for a challenging session.

STG 45 (Pilates/Strength/HIIT)

This session combines the 3 pillars of STG Training (Pilates, Strength + HIIT). The class starts off with a mat warm up focusing on glute, core activation and mobility. The session then builds into a strength based kettle bell AMRAP and superset. The finale of the class is a 15 minute circuit workout using Pilates equipment + Interval Training.


Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

Based on Josephs Pilates original method along with Yoga movements, this class is slow paced and allows clients to work on CONTROL of every movement and improve all their basic principles of Pilates. BREATH & FORM will be highly coached throughout this 45minute core workout.


This amazing circuits based class will use the TRX + weights to work on your muscle strength and endurance working on endurance of your muscles. The TRX circuits will include AMRAPS. 

Pilates mat work will be working in parallel toning and lengthening through mat based moves using a selection of props such as resistance bands, balls, magic circles and light dumbells.


In this 45 minute pure STRENGTH training class you will focus on slowing down the cardio, lifting up heavier weights and working on your technique. Weight lifting is an essential element our our training program at STG and should be incorporated into your training timetable at least once per week.


One of the most challenging classes at STG our S&C class mixes AMRAP Strength sets with bursts of HIIT intervals & circuit training. Expect to work your strength with weight lifting whilst keeping heart elevated near the maximum.